Bernardo - Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Entered on November 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the human mind.

What’s the difference between humans and the rest of the world? I have thought about this since I was in the 5th grade or so. I have been thinking until about two years ago when I decided that the mind is the answer. To be able to focus is to be able to do.

I was always a discouraged kid. I always doubted everything I could do because of a lead block tied to my leg labeled “logic”. I never tried to explore because there would be nothing worth seeing. I never tried to flip, or jump from heights or climb too high because I saw only danger. I went through my whole life doubting the power of determination, stubbornness, and thought. There was a wall near my house that I could climb, but not jump off of. I never thought “maybe I can jump from here”, only “there is no point in jumping”.

This was my mindset until two years ago when I joined a Kung Fu school. They did amazing things that I had doubted all of my life. They did the things I was afraid to do, and when I asked why they only said “because I can”. From that moment I had to tear down my close-minded thoughts and reconsider what I could do. I tried to do some of the more dangerous things, and by silencing my conscience I could do it. I could think I could do it and I would. I began to do some of the moves that I wouldn’t even dream of doing. I realized that if my mind remains focused everything will happen, that the mind will achieve anything if it has a chance to work at it.

To this day, two years later, I still have the confidence and control over my own mind. I forget logic, I refuse to think too much, and I just focus and do. This occurs in everything. Believe that you can ace the test, and you do. Focus on climbing that wall, and you’re up there before you know it. Refuse to give up on the idea that man can fly, and you soar. The mind’s ability to destroy logic and do the illogical is what draws the line between man and beast. To be able to do what beasts cannot do. Birds cannot swim as deep as man has, fish cannot fly across continents, wolves cannot go to the moon.

I went back to that wall this summer. I looked down and instead of pessimism, what went through my mind was “don’t forget to breathe”.

I jumped.