A Technology Obsessed Era

Laura - Sammamish, Washington
Entered on November 20, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

I’ve always been a dreamer, and I would suppose that that is the reason I believe that creativity and imagination will save the world.

We are currently living in a technology-obsessed era. We waste too much time watching TV, we spend too much time on the Internet and our ears are always glued to our cell phones. True creativity and imagination are slowly dwindling away from our society.

I believe that a good song can put the soul at ease, a marvelous play can make your heart jump and a beautiful painting can truly make you think. I am finding more and more that people of my generation are taking these things for granted. Many don’t appreciate the soul searching and memorization that goes into making a play, the skill it takes to make a painting and the emotion and the stories that go into a song.

I have been a dancer for fourteen years and an actress for three and I can truly say that creativity and imagination rule my life. I long for a stage and an audience with an open mind and heart, ready to take in my performance. My imagination rules my performance and my creativity makes me want that spotlight again and again. Every time I get on stage, whether I am about to dance, sing or act, I feel alive and at home. That is why it honestly surprises me when I find people who don’t life their lives with the same passion about imagination and creativity that I have. But I realize that imagination and creativity is disappearing from our everyday lives because we can find our entertainment through other things like the TV and computer. People don’t think to use their own creativity or imagination to have fun.

I do feel like people have lost sight of how beautiful imagination and creativity can be. Everything around us was created because someone with an imagination used his or her creativity to make it come to life. Not everything comes from knowledge and information; we also have to use our hearts and souls to be able to be truly happy. I believe if people could take the time to indulge themselves in someone else’s creativity and imagination it might help them to express their own. I think you should go experience the thrill of a play and get so wrapped up in the story you believe its real. You should go listen to a band or a singer you wouldn’t normally listen to, but go and experience a new sound, soul and story. Go to a museum or art gallery and try to grasp the emotion in each piece. Then after that create something of your own maybe a song, a poem, a drawing, a dance, a short story, anything. Grab a hold of your imagination and creativity and use it. If you let imagination and creativity back into your life, maybe just maybe, we just might be able to save the world.

This I believe.