When Life gives you lemons…

Samantha - Florissant, Colorado
Entered on November 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“Carpe Diem” seize the day. It’s nothing new, nothing fancy but it has a good point. I believe you should take life as it comes and live it to its fullest. You never know when it’s going to end. I came to this conclusion after what has to be the most confusing and messed up summers ever. You see there are things that screw your whole life up and never seem to end. This was that summer as I checked my myspace one day only to find that my friend’s mom had posted something on his myspace, he had died, I felt horrible for what seems like forever. He had got meningitis and didn’t go to the doctor in time. A few weeks later I found out my brother was coming to visit, oh happy day, he was Special Forces in the military and about to be deployed to Afghanistan, my mom casually left this out until later. Later on another of my brothers was diagnosed with colon cancer (He’s 29) and my grandma and mom got into a big fight and we haven’t really heard from grandma since so everything was a little messed up. I’ve lost loved ones I never thought I would lose. It was then that I realized that nothing I did was going to change anything inevitable like death or random coincidence. I also realized that I couldn’t change what had happened but I can possibly make things better if I tried so seize the day, I am, for the most part anyways.

Today is a good day to die; I’d heard the saying before but never understood ‘til Morgan died. I use the saying a lot now, not like I’d ever commit suicide but it’s one of those things. If you die you die, it’s going to happen eventually. I never feared death and I still don’t it was never really part of my life anybody I knew who’d died when I was little so I didn’t realize the impact it had. I’ve gotten over Morgan’s death. (For the most part anyways) and I’ve come to the conclusion; if I’m dieing today I might as well have fun doing it. So Today is a good day to die, I guess. And nothing should keep a person from doing something whether it be fear or shame or anything else, in the end shame isn’t that bad and death well death isn’t anything to fear because it’s going to happen eventually why be afraid of something that’s inevitable? Fear shouldn’t keep you from anything, that’s my belief. Face things head on, you may get hurt but what a few bruises compared to a boring life. It’s what any dead person would say and it’s what I believe so don’t let anything keep you from doing something you want to do.