Jay - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe everyone has an opportunity to show what they can do. Some people do things different than others. For me, I believe in God. I believe there is Heaven and Hell. I also believe every single one of us was made for a reason. Sometimes, the reasons are clear, sometimes they are not. Right now, I don’t know what my reason is. There could be many reasons. I could be here to help people learn. I could be here to help the people who were born without an arm or with a mental problem. I know that I was made for a reason. It doesn’t have to be one specific reason either. I can have multiple reasons to be here.

I believe I have a job that God wants me to do during my life and fulfill that for him. No matter if I am a director of a movie, a rock star up on stage, or a man working on the construction site, I was made for a reason. There were those days when I was little when I always dreamed of being a Firefighter, a football player on the Green Bay Packers, or that wrestler on television who pins the other wrestler to the ground with a count of 1… 2… 3! The crowd would cheer and he would stand up and scream and hold up his arms with the championship belt around his waist. He was the champion and he was the best. Everyone wanted to be like him. I wanted to be like him. I believe that my reason is not to be that champion in the wrestling ring. But I know that God wants me to be the champion at what I was created for.

Another memory I have of when I was little was playing school with my neighbors. We would go downstairs and make little desks and homework sheets. We would do all the subjects from math to drawing, science to writing, and history to grammar. We would take lunch breaks and eat nice crisp grilled cheese sandwiches and then go ride our bikes around our neighborhood. Although we were just kids messing around, it taught us the basics to life. I believe it isn’t only the values we are taught at school and home that shape us, but what we experience outside of our comfort zone. So if I were to go outside of my comfort zone and not liking what I was doing, I would teach myself to never do that again. I learn from my mistakes. No matter how many mistakes I make or how many wrong paths I go through, I know that one day I will find my purpose in life and fulfill it. This is what I believe in.