What we need to change

Jonathan - 10002, New York
Entered on November 20, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Having seen an array of topics that pertain to today and the presidential election, I have begun to think more deeply about what seems to be prevalent today. Having studied the environment and similar concerns, I feel that there needs to be more done for our environment. The environment is not ours but is the home of many different organisms. If we leave behind the place we call home in a greater mess, it won’t be long before we are affected aversely too. Problems such as global warming can carry serious complications for future generations. More specifically, pollution is a growing problem because it harms in direct and indirect manners and is hard to manage. Many environmental problems can be prevented with a well coordinated group of people with the right knowledge and intent. Awareness is a key factor in getting people to do more environmentally friendly things. I was unaware of this but am not anymore.

In addition to the before mentioned, education is especially important because it deals with the teaching of the future of our country. If we educate kids well, they themselves can increase their understanding of different studies that are vital to a normal and healthy running economy/country. We need people to be skilled in law, medicine, business and more. These needs are important because if anyone needs assistance in one of those key areas of concern, they will not be able to attain it as well if they even can. Without a strong education, many people will not be able to lead successful lives because of a lack of knowledge, aptitude and experience they need. Other factors include technology which could be hindered if the general population cannot effectively use it.

In relation to the two previously described areas of concern, the U.S in general needs to do more in regard to key issues. While the nation is headed in the right direction, more needs to be done. Many universal problems still exist, such as those in healthcare and the economy. These problems cannot solve themselves and need to be addressed swiftly. If we look into the nearby future and imagine what it will look like, it isn’t hard to do. Our country cannot be repaired when wanted and any serious damages in any area of the country can be permanent. As a whole, Americans need to be more knowledgeable of the world. Even if action is not an option for some, knowing more can help them make smarter and better decisions.

To sum up, the environment, our educational system and the addressing of pressing issues should be near the top of our do to list as a country. If this country truly embodies freedoms that have made this country great, the country needs a change. The freedoms of the American people are not enough when the people are not learning as well/much as they can, when major issues in the country exist and when the environment they live in is threatening. As a whole, the general population should increase their awareness, act if they can and demand that those in charge do something.