Samantha - Bardstown, Kentucky
Entered on November 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that animals can bring happiness to anyone. When I go home the first thing I know that will happen is my dog Lilly to always be there jumping on me, clawing the heck out of my legs, and just seeing her tail wag as fast as it can. I look forward to that every single time I step through the front door. Every night I know I can count on someone or something always watching me. I can always count on Lilly to sit there and guard me every night. I always know that I can count on Lilly to be my little ray of sunshine to brighten my day.

Although dogs can’t speak, I can always count on my dog to listen to me. Whenever I have a problem the first person, or in this case my dog, I go to is Lilly. I know she can’t talk back but at least she listens to what I have to say.

You can always grab my dog’s attention just by opening the refrigerator door or by simply yelling, “Lilly you want to play?” She is always my little ray of sunshine. I love everything about my dog. Although she can be REALLY annoying I always end up finding a way to be upset with myself by getting annoyed with her.

I believe that every dog or animal can change someones day. I know for my own personal experience that Lilly changes my day. Just by playing with her at nights puts me in a better mood. When she gets hyper after she gets done taking a bath is one of funniest things I have seen. My family and I treat Lilly like family. I honestly can say I love Lilly just as much as I do my dad, mom, or brother.

Either way you put it animals can make you happy and bring joy to your life. I know that my two dogs brought me happiness and I know that any one of your pets could bring you happiness to. I know my dog is my little ray of sunshine maybe your pet could be yours to.