The Importance of Hard Work and Determination

Sean - Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Entered on November 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

As a student and one who has participated in sports for many years, I have learned about the importance of hard work and determination through my own personal experiences. My parents have always taught me to try my best regardless of the task I am attempting. For instance, when trying out for a sports team, my dad constantly reminds me to hustle because the extra effort will impress the coaches. He says that if the coach feels that another player and I have about the same talent, I should gain an advantage because of my determination. So far, listening to my father’s advice has helped me greatly. Therefore, I firmly believe that hard work is just as significant as talent, or intelligence, in being successful.

I have attempted to apply this belief to my personal life since grade school, and I continue to adhere to it today. For example, going into my freshman year of high school, I planned on trying out for the soccer team. Although I realized that I would not be the best player in the fall, I thought that I could improve over the summer and at least give myself a chance at tryouts. I ran and practiced hard with my friends throughout the entire summer. Tryouts were just what I expected; I knew that I would really have to prove myself, especially since I was very undersized. Ultimately, the coaches decided to select me for the team due to the determination I demonstrated every day, they later told me. In this situation, my great work ethic paid off, and I was thankfully able to reach my goal in the end.

Hard work is also essential in school and at work. In order to attain the desired grades, one must stay focused throughout the entire school day and study effectively at home. Most learning occurs when completing homework, after all. As a result, maintaining good grades requires consistency, determination, and a great work ethic. The same applies for a job. In order to rise to the top of a business, one must display continuous effort and constant determination to improve the company. Employers do not want slackers to work for them. Showing a little “hustle” can be crucial in gaining respect advancing in a company.

Finally, I believe that improving oneself in any aspect of life is almost impossible if one does not struggle. Even if one has been very successful so far in life, accepting success as final should not be an option. I have seen many people that never reach their greatest potential because they refuse to do any work. Instead, they just coast through life without ever challenging themselves or displaying any effort. This is very disappointing to me because some of these people could really accomplish great feats if they simply tried. Life is worthless unless one tries to improve. Consequently, I have made it my goal to try my best in everything I do, and I think my determination is evident.

Thus, a strong work ethic is essential for achievement in athletics, academics, and any other personal issues. In the words of Thomas Edison, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” In other words, hard work is what makes a man great. Furthermore, nothing great could ever be achieved without determination.