The Energizer Bunny Has the Right Idea

Robyn - Heber, Utah
Entered on November 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Sometimes, we get lazy or cocky, and we won’t pursue our dreams as much as we should Some rely on raw talent alone to make their dreams come true, but it isn’t enough unless we work at our abilities. Once we’ve reached our goal, though, we can stop working. This is why the Energizer Bunny could be a decent role model in our lives.

“If you never give up, you’ll be successful,” Dan O’Brien once advised. Pablo Picasso stated, “Action is the foundational key to all success.” These are both excellent quotes by inspirational men. They state that we have to work, yes work, in our lives in order to gain what we desire. Raw talent will not come floating out of the sky on a chariot of bubbles and clouds, and success is never gained over night. It’s a waste of precious time waiting for it.

Two years ago, I made the mistake of letting cockiness take control in my instrument playing. In the previous years, I had practiced for hours on end and I worked extremely hard. I taught myself many new skills, including vibrato. I thought my skills were sufficient enough to not practice over the summer. Who knew that one decision could have effected me so much? As it turns out, I only needed more practice once the school year started again.

As we grow, our talents will develop, and we can achieve many glorious things. Even then, we can’t stop working for higher goals. We may even find ourselves losing the one we’ve already obtained if we quit working at it.

How much do I need stress the phrase “keep working and never give up”? Even if we think we’ve reached our goals, we need to aim higher. We can’t count on raw talent to get us through life, nor should we expect to receive automatic skills over the span of one day. Success is earned where ongoing effort is required. Aim for high goals, then higher goals. Don’t let cockiness or laziness restrict you from your dreams. Take action, and don’t waste your time waiting for magical talent to come floating out of the stars.

Remember the ongoing acts of the famous pink animal with the drum, and never give up. I leave you with these words: If we fail, we’re discouraged. If we try, we’re honored. If we succeed, we keep going.