I believe in the impossible.

Montana - Midway, Utah
Entered on November 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Believe In The Impossible

“The impossible- what nobody can do until somebody does.” -Anonymous

Think about it. To me, this quote means you have the potential of the world yet the world will dent your possibility. Nobody can say you cannot achieve something. That is up to you and only you to decide. You can prove yourself by proving the world wrong.

The Dodgers very own Tommy Lasorda once said, “The difference between the possible and the impossible lies in one man’s determination.”

Whether it is physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, or emotionally, we will each face difficulty and tribulations through this life. Embrace it and accept it. It is not impossible. We need to stay determined to succeed and accomplish the impossible. We can.

It is an excuse that we say or believe things to be impossible. A track star by the name of Rodger Bannister changed the way we think of the impossible. For years Rodger had been training for the Olympics. He not only was a spectacular athlete physically, but he was spectacular mentally. He always had a goal in mind. His goal was to run the mile in under four minutes. Up until this time nobody could run the mile in under four minutes. Running the mile in under four minutes was unheard of. It was impossible. Over the years and years of men getting close, no one could break the four minute mark. Just because nobody had achieved it, did not mean it was unachievable.

“One thing makes a dream or goal impossible: The fear of failure.” -Paulo Coelho

Rodger had a dream, a goal, and he did not fear. He never once questioned or doubted his possibilities. The day of his big race came. The gun went off. Rodger ran. As he crossed the finish line with the time of 3:59.8, he had done it. Rodger Bannister had done the unthinkable, the unbelievable, the impossible. One man made the impossible possible. Now every world class runner runs the mile in under four minutes; all because one man believe the impossible was possible.

“We should all strive for the impossible. And when one of us fails, their failure should be a challenge to all us others.” -Amelia Earhart

Let us join together, rise to the occasion, accept the challenge, and fear not of the impossible. You can be a dreamer just as well as a doer if you eliminate one word from your vocabulary: Impossible. I believe in the impossible. Do you?