An Attitude to try

Anne - USA
Entered on November 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

You can never just want something; you have to work for it. You can never simply ‘Try another day.’ soon there will be no more tomorrows, only yesterdays. If you really want to succeed, you have to try.

When I think of trying, I see a large brick wall, in front of me. I take a few steps back, trying to see if there is another way around it. Nope, I have to climb over.

For me, the only way for me to get over the wall is to climb. Since I am standing back far enough to see that there is no way to go around the wall, I’m not close enough to see the wall. I take a few steps closer. On the wall are grooves that I can put my hands in. I decided to climb.

The wall’s name is Cross Country. I started this summer, to stay in shape for PE next year. By the time school started, my mom had decided that I wanted to run Cross Country for the school, and could help the team. The two things that I couldn’t get over were, first, I would be running a minimum of three miles every day. Second, I had just started ninth grade. That meant more homework. Those two factors made running Cross Country look very bleak. I was not going to try.

My first race was thirty-eight minutes. Half way through the season, I was at forty-seven, my grade in a B range. On the wall, I was making terribly slow progress up, and working down. My mom decided to help me out. For every minute I took off my time, I could have ten dollars, and if I won a race, I could have a laptop. My last race, I was at thirty-two minutes.

Had I actually tried and had a good attitude while I was running Cross Country, I could have won a race. When I felt like I was running just because it was punishment, I did terrible and my grades slowly got worse, however hard I tried. To this moment, I really do wish that I had given a good effort.

Even though my wall was only about ten feet high, it was still hard for me. For the rest of my team, it was probably five. However, the height of the wall doesn’t matter. The knowledge I gained and the experience I had while running was worth every step of it. No matter how high our wall is, we all have a choice to climb over it, so why not try with a good attitude?

The main thing that I learned is this: When you jump off a wall, you can land feet first. The fact that you made it up the wall is the great thing, but if you jump and land on your feet, the main point you climbed the wall was made.