I’ll Stick With You

Rebecca - Heber City, Utah
Entered on November 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I’ll Sick With You

I believe that friendship is very important in ones life. It helps us to understand things and to have great and not so great life experiences. I do not know what I would do without my friends. In my opinion help you be who you are. We all need friends.

Friends are the ones who know all about you, in some aspects then your parents . They are the ones you laugh with at lunch, in class, after school and just any time you feel like it. One of my favorite things about friends is that you can have as many friends as you want and never ever get into trouble with anyone. You can also be yourself with your friends and if you have to act different then they are not your real friends.

One of my many books is called Camy Baker’s Love You Like A Sister. In this book Camy explains why friends are so important and tells you her 30 rules to being, and having great friends. One of the rules is to listen and to just be there for you friends. One more thing about friends, they love you no matter what, even if you make huge mistakes. Sure you fight some times, but every body does. Your friends are always going to have things that bug and that make you want to scream but that is friendship right.

Friends fade, your elementary best friend might not be your best friend in high school. I had this happen to me, it happens to everyone. We all have our social groups. I do not mean like the cheerleaders and jocks but the people you hang out with and talk to all of the time. The friends you run up you parents phone bill talking to. You can be friends with anyone if you give them a chance. Even if you friends have a problem with one of your other friends then that is fine. Just be open and understanding. Don’t close yourself off from a great friend just because of the way they look and act. Get to know the person underneath that is who you are going to be friends with any way.

My friends might not always be my best friends but they will always be my friends. I will always just give them a hug and a warm smile when they are down and let them know I am there for them. We have our inside jokes and our “war” stories but but at the end of the day we are just teens that like to hang out together. Friendship is how you get experiences that just boost who you are and your friendship. So get out there an and make a new friend even if it is scary you might really enjoy being around them. This I believe.