Guardian Angels

Margo - Heber City, Utah
Entered on November 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“Don’t run faster than your Guardian Angels can fly.” These beautiful things or people that we call Guardian Angels come in many different ways. They could be anything from close friends to every object close to us. Not just falling from the sky dressed in beautiful wings…

Guardian Angels could be any person in our lives. It could be our family members, friends, coaches, or anyone that you meet. They lend a hand when we need one. They watch us and help us make the right decision. There are those who are, and always will stay in your life, but some of them go away after they helped you. Sometimes people say, “I’ve been touched by an angel,” but what dose it really mean? Did that angle save their life or was it just someone that made you smile and turned your day around?

Apart from Guardian Angels being people around you, it also could be an object. I am sure each one of us has an object that we call ‘lucky’ or ‘special’. There is usually a reason behind what makes it that way. I, just like others, have an object that is close to my heart. Before I had to move from the other side of the world, my cousin came to visit me and she gave me a bracelet to always remember her. When I wear it, I feel life she is by my side helping me get through whatever lies in front of me.

When we lose someone, it might feel like they are gone forever, but we will never really lose them. She or he will stay out there, still watching over us. You might not see them or hear them, but you will always feel them in your heart.

I like to believe that no matter who or what, dead or alive, I have a couple guardian angels out there that will help me get through the obstacles in my life. Those that will stand by my side or be inspirit with me through everything.