I Believe In Heroes

Joseph - Cox`s Creek, Kentucky
Entered on November 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe in heroes. To me, a hero is someone who helps out during hard times. Everyone is a hero at some point in there life. Everyday something bad happens and someone will try to help out with the situation; whether there is a fire, robbery, or a hijacking, someone will step up and help out. Fire fighters stop fires and cops help prevent robberies. Even if a small gas station was being robbed, someone will probably try to stop it from happening. This I believe.

Heroes in the world right now are the troops fighting in foreign countries; they give us the freedom that we enjoy so much. Without our troops fighting for our freedom, then we may not have it; so our soldiers are probably the most heroic people in our country.

One hero in my life is my grandpa. When I have a problem I go to him. My grandpa helped me out when I was having trouble with my grades by helping me figure things out. My grandpa also helped me when I was having trouble with my family, my mom went through an engagement but she never got married and now, finally, two years later she is married.

Another hero in my life is my mom, she is always there for me; even if I am in trouble or I need money or help with something. She is always there for me. I believe that we are all heroes even if we don’t have special powers like x-ray vision, incredible strength, or the ability of flight. Heroes are just everyday people.