This I Believe

Ryan - Cox`s Creek, Kentucky
Entered on November 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that I am one lucky kid even I f I don’t think I am. Most people don’t realize how good they really have it they say they need more. These people don’t give to people that need it more than them. I had my first job about a mouth ago it made me realize how good I really had it. They people that worked there with me were not the greatest people they didn’t get the good education that I get. That is another thing people in my school say they can’t stand this place but they will be glad they had it when they get older because they will have a well paying job and they can support there family unless like some of the kids that are in the public school. But back to the story about my job, I would never be caught dead ever again in a fast-food restaurant kitchen.

Luckily my parents let me quit because they new that it wasn’t for me. Something people don’t think about is all the people that had to go to those public schools they didn’t get to pray or learn about religion class. I believe that they wish they could go to school here with us. I believe that abortion should be illegal because even if they still do it we won’t have to here about it. If you have seen the same videos that I have seen it would destroy you. I believe that if barrack Oboma wins this election he will be shot and we will have a crazy president and will all get killed. Because he is a republican and he doesn’t have any clue what he is doing. I believe that all troops in the

world will help us in the Iraq war.