Giving and Taking away

Danielle - Palm Bay, Florida
Entered on November 20, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

The worst day of my life is a day I cannot remember. My father passed away when I was about two weeks old, and even though I was too young to be able to experience the tragedy, I still feel emotions from that day and will for the rest of my life.

My father traveled sometimes for his job, and always called occasionally to check up on his family and make sure everything was O.K. with his wife and kids. Thankfully enough, my father did meet me on the day I was born, and was with me for about a week after. He had to take a trip to Washington, D.C., for his job a few days after my mom had me, and it turned out to be the trip everyone wished he haven’t gone on.

My mother got the news from my dad’s partner one morning, as she was getting up to start the daily routine. He had a massive heart attack while driving, and managed to pull over across four lanes of traffic and not cause any accidents, but unfortunately loss his life. Another driver had driven by his truck during the day, and while she was driving back, she crossed my father’s vehicle again, and seeing that it was still there, decided to check if the driver, being my dad, was ok. He wasn’t. And if it wasn’t for that driver having the knowledge to follow her instincts that something might be wrong, who knows how long it would have been for someone to realize that something was wrong.

My mom had to tell the news to her family, my brother and sister, and our close friends. I’ve been told stories that after the day she found out about my father’s passing, my mother slept with me in a sofa chair every night, and couldn’t have me out of her sight for about the first year after his death. I, along with my brother and sister, were her rock, just as much as she was ours, and we all helped each other, sometimes without even knowing it, through each other’s tough times and specific problems.

I believe that when God takes away, he always gives something in return. It doesn’t always have to be big, but something will always be there to lift you back on your feet. In this case, I believe what was given was me. I was always told that I was what helped my mother get through the tough times that came her way, and I believe that this is the reason on why my family is as caring and strong as we are today. I never met my father, and with all my might I wish I could have. But by no means would I have my life any other way. I am extremely close to my brother and sister, and my mother is my best friend. I love my dad, and above all believe I will see him one day.