I believe in last second miracles

Nicholas - Bardstown, Kentucky
Entered on November 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in last second miracles. I believe if you give your all in the first, second, third, and fourth quarter of the game, your team will have one last chance to win. We were down to our cross town rivals by three with ten seconds left in the ball game; our coach calls a Hail Mary. Our quarterback snaps the ball, but a d-line man grabs his jersey and pulls him down. Our quarterback catches himself with his hand and scrambles around and finally launches a prayer towards the end zone. It is like a slow motion instant reply you see on sports games all the time, soaring through the air, the ball is coming closer. I see my teammate reaching to catch the ball, but a defender tackles him. The ball is tipped up and is floating through the air, I reach out and I catch it.

I am running like I’ve never ran before, but someone grabs my waist and pulls me down. I close my eyes and reach as far as my body will stretch. When I open my eyes, the ball has crossed the end zone and I have won the big game. I believe in the Hail Mary and I believe in last second miracles.