I Believe in a Comfy Chair

Brandon - La Mirada, California
Entered on November 20, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: pleasure

I believe in a comfy chair… There are so many things in my life that I find I take for granted. I often spend an entire day all ears on a multitude of tasks relying on different tools to be able to complete them, while neglecting the slightest tinge of their existence. For the first time I realized how great my comfy chair really is.

Selecting the optimal chair was no effortless task. I sought after something that didn’t communicate the stereotypical leather lawyer or suede suit, I wanted a comfy chair that told the world that I love graphic design. I appreciate simple shapes and clean lines with precise color that is able to tell a story. My chair is not lavished or broad and it does not call for an entire section of the room, but it does take wonderful care of me.

My comfy chair is always faithful. I never worry that my chair is not up to the challenge when I show up for work in the morning. It never grumbles at another day of relentlessly holding my weight. Boasting is not something you’d get from my chair about how great of a job is does. My chair is simply steady. I know when I sit down is it going to be loyal and hold me up.

And as my day begins to grind, the green glow of the florescent lights dull from above, and the encroaching walls of the surrounding cubicle seem to get me down, my comfy chair is there to back me up. As always it stands strong, encouraging even with my declining attitude.

I think it is important for me to listen to my chair. Many life lessons can be gleaned from its simple lifestyle. I hope to be considered faithful in my job as a believer, as a friend, and a future husband. I would hope that people never have to wonder if I will complete my tasks. I want to take care of others, encourage them, and be dependable; just like my chair.

I don’t need so many of the things that fill the spaces of my life, like my chair, all I need is a small amount. My comfy chair does not startup a business, go to college, manage the bills, and spend time with friends simultaneously. My chair has one task and that is to hold me. Maybe there are things that I can simplify in my life.

My comfy chair is not proud and it does not complain, it does its job quietly and consistently. I know I have plenty to learn in this department.

In the end, my comfy chair tells the story of a graphic artist, what kind of story is my life going to tell?

How thankful I am for my comfy chair and the quiet yet bold life lessons that it teaches.