i am a rock

pascale - petaluma, California
Entered on November 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I am a rock stiff as the board that my bed has become. Uncanny in certain senses, but in others i am just still, nothing more. You can’t fit me into curvy cyclopes of lopsided truths and you can’t tell me to do anything you please, for i cannot speak. When you talk of dirty sins that have power to destroy the very essence of your fake fisade and perfect self, i do not reveal them. I keep a mouth that has no lips sowed up, so you can live your life to its fullest fakeness, and corrupt people and hurt them as you please, your secrets safe with me.

When you grab me, tremendous effort to destroy the formation i am in, the very place where the dirt runs down my vains like an avalanche corrupting the natural beauty of a forest’s weak limbs. I do not crack a smile when your hand starts to cramp, or when your nails start to bleed, for your effort to hurt me is long gone and not needed anymore, i am a rock. In another sense i am overlooked, blended into my surrounding buddies that try to move closer to me, but have no feet to touch impeccable ground with their grimy arrogance. I stay central, non moving, not breathing, not doing anything wrong, yet i am still kicked around by an angry kid who’s mother decided it be better if he stay home tonight. Why am i punished? What did i do? Oh right i am just an invisible force who talks to itself and has a mind that is not very open to the world.

I see people when they don’t see themselves, when there is no mirror to be displaced in front of them, to show of there complete stupidy and ignorance in a matter of maturity and responsibility. They are blind for they do not look down to see my little rock eyes giving them a clear view of themselves, the kind they fear, for in the truth of the matter, from what i have seen down here is that people are really scared of themselves.

I may be chucked, thrusted upon walls and windows corrupting a delicate situation finding myself hurting others, but don’t you see, you blind blind fool, i am never blamed because i am the object of harass, abuse, the very tendency those human beings have to be such fools. They think they will get away, that i will be blamed, no way my friend,i will just be thrown back, sharp side up, see me coming.

To you my dear i am nothing but an ugly blob on the ground, i but i have power, more so than you think, i have the capability to hurt you, but do i? I do not, for i am just a rock, a dirty, grimy formation of dirt, solid as can be, layered with nothing, crunching loose bones, crushed and swallowed. We are all just rocks, we are all just humans.