Accidents Do Happen

Tiodorita - san Bernardino, California
Entered on November 20, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

There are many young people that might think that bad things won’t ever happen to them. I see young people getting into accidents due to being under influence. I believe that nobody should drive under the influence. This past weekend one of my cousin had an accident, and i can recall that day as it were yesterday. It was part 3:30am, when my aunt called me she told me that my cousin had gone out that night and she hadn’t returned. I told my aunt that didn’t have friend’s numbers, so i couldn’t help locate her; I called her twice with no answer.

Since she is 21 years old, I automatically knew that she went to a club and had a couple of drinks. I thought that maybe on her way back home she must have gotten pulled over by an officer.She must have gotten a ticket for driving under the influence.

It felt like I closed my eyes for a second when my mom woke me up. My mom said that my cousin was in the hospital. I got up as fast as I could, change my clothes, and headed to my uncle’s house. When I arrived, I found my aunt crying and my mom trying to calm her down.

When we arrived at hospital, my sister told us that my cousin had arrived at the hospital at four int morning. When the doctor checked her, she looked fine, but my cousin was complaining about a pain in her stomach. They decided to take her into surgery to see what was wrong. When we got there she was thirty minutes into surgery. We waited in the waiting room to get news on her surgery.

“My mom woke up at three in the morning to look foe my sister”her brother told me. He said,”We went to one of her close friend’s house. I felt bad because we woke him up”, he told me that her friends didn’t see her that night. But he was willing to help find her. They went to a different house and there was no sign of her.

My uncle told us he also went looking for her, and then he said, “There were many thoughts going through my head. I thought that some one had taken my little girl”, a doctor walked trough the door. My aunt and uncle got up and went toward the doctor; he told them that her bladder rupture. He took them where she was. When i saw her she kept tossing in the bed with pain, and hurt to see her like that. I know that i would never want my parents in that situation. It has changed my life; i believed nobody should be driving under influence.