Musical Nirvana

Justin - Blue Springs, Missouri
Entered on November 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Musical Nirvana

I believe music is a world of belonging. It makes me feel like I am on cloud nine or some place heavenly. Also it could be used as a meaning of relaxation or used for expression like banging drums, strumming guitars, expelling vocal chords in harmony or a spastic pattern. It’s also incorporated with dance for maniacs like myself. It’s what I believe in, music is my anti-drug.

I’ve never noticed this, but music has been with me forever. As a lil boy, I would always sing along with shows like Barney and the Power Rangers. Growing older, music had already hypnotized myself into becoming more than just an oblivious follower but more like a muse to myself. Whenever I hear a single sound, I create a catchy tune out of that; it was like my own musical nirvana.

Happiness, sorrow, wrath, and forgiveness are what I think make songs good; it brings meaning to songs. It reflects your tone and mood over what you are trying to massage the meaning into your audience. During my middle school year, I played the trumpet with my school band. I loved playing with my fellow band mates, but after I began to think of high school, I quit band. Even though I’m not in band myself, I still have respect for my fellow band geeks who love to perform for other people and show their passion through music.

Now that I’m a bit more grown up, I’ve steered away from the music scene, except for the occasional shower singing and dancing in public. Speaking of dancing, for two seasons now I’ve been watching America’s Best Dance Crew. My favorite dance crew by far is Fanny Pak! They’ve inspired me to create intricate yet creative dance moves. Now I don’t think they’re good enough for the show, but I have fun with it and that’s all that matters. I think dance is like a chain letter because it seems that you can never stop dancing just like chain letters, they never seem to die.

With having all these different ways of stitching music into my heart, I truly believe that music is not just a use for entertainment; it’s a part of myself. Whether I’m worshipping melodies, foreseeing future notes, or dancing like I’ve been possessed by a ghost infected with involuntary contraction, I can truly announce that music is a part of myself. I am no longer a puppet, I am the puppeteer. I pull the strings. I am music itself. This is what I believe.