Anything is possible

sir william - urbana, Ohio
Entered on November 19, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

i believe that anything is possible if we all do one simple thing, JUST DO IT! what ever you are thinking that you want to accomplish or get done, it is reachable. i know a boy who is 5″7 and 19 years old who i grew up with who when we were younger playing basketball thought he couldn’t play at all, he couldn’t, but he kept blamming his hieght as to why. so we signed up for a league one year and i kept telling him to practice practice extra because i saw that he really wanted to play really bad. so after months of extra practice and working in back yards of cleveland on his jump shot , i was playing football and he was the star on our high school basketball team, so from going from nothing to something can happen , we just stop ourselves with doubting ourselves all of the time. HEY, I YOU DONT BELIEVE IN YOURSELF THAN WHO WILL? so this is why i believe that anything you want to do is possible, just stop holding yourself back.