I Believe in Love

Hannah - San Diego, California
Entered on November 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I believe you can love someone without even knowing them. When I was about 1 1/2, I was adopted from China by my mom and sister. They flew all the way from America, with other parents waiting to adopt. Part of the way adoption works is, parents who want to adopt have to send in a lot of paperwork to adoption agencies, filled out with information, about family history and personal background. Eventually, after a long period of time (could be months, or even years.), the agency has checked you out, and most likely decided you would make a good parent/parents. My mom tells me the day she received a tiny little picture with me on it attached to a description she knew she was in love.

How could she know this, without even meeting me and raising me I questioned myself. Love works in strange ways, I guess love doesn’t just have to be the relationship between two or more people, but can also be the willingness to love. What I mean by that is how could she love me without knowing me and being all the way across the world, maybe the real love here is being able to let a new love in.

Growing up in an all white family, you can tell I don’t quite fit in. I have darker tan skin, long dark brown/black hair and dark dark brown eyes, compared to white/barely tan skin, blonde/light brown hair, and green/hazel eyes. I used to be a little embarrassed going out in public with my family, because it was obvious i don’t look a like to them. I used to think I didn’t fit in, just like the game- Which One Doesn’t Belong? I now realize yes, it is obvious I am different, and don’t have my mom’s generic jeans, but is that what really matters? I may not look like my mom or sister, but I have learned to love with passion for one-another from my mother, and to be independent and strong like my sister. So the question is- Now which one doesn’t belong?? I have learned many things about love and will continue to do so as I get older, but for now, I believe love is being able to accept one another for who they are and to be able to let them love you back.

I was pretty smart at the age of 5. I believe that’s when I really got the hint I was a little different from my family. I found out I was adopted at the age of 5 too. I don’t remember how my reaction was, but I’m guessing I was sad. Possibly a few tears fell down my cheeks. I don’t think I was sad to know I had been growing up with people who I wasn’t biologically related to, but to not know who my birth mother is. Although I’m only 14, and have many years still to come, to love, make friends, learn more, and enjoy life, I have many opinions on life and various things and just would like to be heard. I know I will never meet my birth mother or even come close to, but I think I can say I love her, just like my mother now said she loved me before even adopting me. I know I have absolutely no clue who “she” is, but the fact that I’m willing to accept her, no matter what she’s like, is love to me. I do believe you can love someone without even knowing them.