This I Believe

Ben - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

It was a warm summer day and state championships for Colorado baseball were under way. That day in my first at-bat of the game I went to bunt home a go-ahead run. The pitch was blistering in at about 70 miles per hour. As I went to bunt it grazed, off the bat and hit my mouth, the blood was unbelievable. Before knowing the sovereignty of the incident I finished my at-bat only to be walked on four pitches and be tagged out at home plate. When leaving the ball field to go to the nearest dentist office, I was surprisingly calm. However, as soon as I saw my face in the mirror I started to cry uncontrollably. My teeth were hanging by a thread from the roof of my mouth and the blood wouldn’t stop. When we finally got to the dentists’ office I learned that I had suffered a broken jaw and that they were able to plant my teeth back to the normal position. However, the journey wasn’t over when we were informed that I would have to under-go surgery with a specialized traumatic tooth doctor. Finally, the adventure was over once my jaw was repaired and set to normal. The next day I went back to hit for my team, I was 0-4 on the day but I couldn’t have been more happy. That day I found out that there is a plan, and that whatever happens cannot be avoided, and that the way you deal with what life throws at you makes you who you are.

Around four months later in December of my 8th grade year I was at school when I slipped and fell on a lake of black ice. After spinning around numerous times I collided face-to-ice with a ton of impact. Once again the blood was spilling out like a faucet. My friends quickly rushed me into the office where I was told that my teeth were missing, and my jaw was broken once again. My friends quickly ran back outside and searched for my teeth. Once they were unsuccessful I realized my teeth were present, however they were parallel with the roof of my mouth. I immediately started to ask, “why god, why me?” After five or six missed calls to my parents, I finally got a hold of my mom. I started to cry as I said “mom it happened again.”

I was rapidly rushed to the same specialized dentist where once again the miracle worker saved my mouth. However, one tooth was missing and it was replaced with a fake that is still there today.

Today, the experience has helped me a great deal. Now I realize that nothing can be avoided, and the way you deal with it makes you a stronger or weaker person. Strongly believe that life is a jewel, and that everyone should love every minute of it, because trust me it could be a lot worse.