A World Of Tolerance

Kristen - USA
Entered on November 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: tolerance

In a world of tolerance people would not be judged for the way they look, how they act, or where they come from. I believe that if people had more tolerance then they would not hold as much hate for other people as they do now. For example during WWII when the Germans were taking over many European countries, my grandparent’s native home in Ukraine was one of those countries. Both of my grandparents were taken to work camps for several years before they were liberated and moved to Canada. This experience left my grandmother with a hate for the Germans that she still carries to this day, in a world of tolerance she would be able to let go of that anger and not remain prejudiced against other Germans just because of their nationality. Also, in a more current example, the first black man ran for presidency and won this year. This sparked a lot of controversy because there are people in the United States who dislike the idea of a black man in presidency. Barrack Obama has, and will face many challenges as president because of the color of his skin. If people had more tolerance then it would not be as big of a deal to have a black president because he would be respected for the person that he or she is. I truly believe that having more tolerance would be better for the world.