This I Believe

Kaeli - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

To many, it appears that my life has been fairly easy, but they have not seen beneath the surface, to one of the hardest times in my life, when my dad left on a business trip. This was not the average business trip, my dad left for a year. He went on these trips three times throughout my life, when I was three, six, and ten. When he left the first time, my sister was a week old. He would leave for either Florida or California, and I would get to see him about once a month, for the weekend. My dad and I are really close, which made it especially hard for me. I went through a struggle every time I talked to him on the phone, trying not to cry. When I wanted him to tuck me in, I could call him, but that was all, no Daddy to make everything better. That is why I believe, family closeness is one of the only ways to get through life. I could not have gotten through those years without help from my family, not just my immediate family, but my aunts, uncles, and grandparents as well. They would come over and take me out when my mom was taking care of my sister, or just be there when we needed something moved, or a spider killed, all things Dad would do. Family togetherness is the only way anyone can get through the tough times in life. Friends are great, but they just do not have that connection that families have, the shared memories, and the silent understanding. My family and I are closer now because of the years that my dad was gone. We know that if anything truly serious ever happens, we will all be there for one another, ready to help in any way possible. When my grandpa fell and broke his back, the whole family was there to take turns on the long nights of feeding him and helping him out, and all sixteen of us were there when the three hour surgery took place. When I was the only one around when my grandma fell and broke her ankle, they were all there to support me as I worried if it was my fault, assuring me it was not. Even if I could change the past, and make it so that my dad had never left on that year long business trip, I would not. I could not rely on my family the way I do today, and my dad and I would have a very different relationship. Nothing would be the same, and it is great, just the way it is.