This I Believe

william - lebanon junction, Kentucky
Entered on November 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe we should only go to school four says a week for teen hours each day. They say our classes aren’t long enough and we can’t learn the proper amount in the time we have in each class. I would be more than happy to do it, we would have three days out of school. Who wouldn’t like to be out of school an extra day? We would be in school two hours and fifteen minuets longer, but I am willing to do that for an extra day out of school. Three-day weekends every weekend! Having a job and going to school sucks, but it I had an extra day off school it would be a lot better, more time to have out with friends. If we were out an extra day we would be able to have another day of fun. Isn’t that the point of being a kid, to have fun? The school would only have to cook four meals a week instead of five, which means they would save time and energy they use to cook food. We would save money because we would only have to pay for four lunches a week. The school also wouldn’t have to pay for buses to fun on the day off, which would save gas money and put less wear and tear on the buses. Also the parents that their kids to school would save gas money. Four days a week with then-hour days would also give teachers one more day to grade papers! It would also give the custodians more time to clean and fix broken things if we have an extra day off. Not going to school one day of the week would cut down on traffic in the mornings and evenings because when we go and get out of school, it is rush our in most towns. Without the added traffic people could get to work faster use less gas, and be happier when they got to work resulting in more efficient work and therefore improving the economy by raise the quality of work across America