Taylor - Bardstown, Kentucky
Entered on November 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that pennies are useless, they serve no purpose, and are a nuscience to everyone. I think that the penny should be gotten rid of all together. I think that most people would agree with me on this subject and they should if they know what is right. Pennies are annoying and I hate them. For that reason I try to stay away from them whenever I can. The government should round all sales off to the nearest five cents and make things a little easier for everyone. If they can not do that then they should at least cut the production of them so we won’t have to deal with them anymore.

Most people don’t look at this as a problem but it could eventually lead up to one. Pennies cost more to make then they are worth and that is another problem that needs to be fixed if they persist to produce them. Obviously the government does not see that pennies are an annoyance or they would do something about this problem. I believe that if we get rid of pennies then we will be able to produce other coins that round to the nearest five or ten cents.

One thing that I do love is how it takes four quarters to make a dollar. It also takes ten dimes, 20 nickels, and ONE HUNDRED pennies. What is that? ONE HUNDRED? That is ridiculous and pointless. Who honestly would pick out 100 pennies to make just one dollar. Actually, it probably wouldn’t be that hard because if you just look on the ground you wouldn’t have too much trouble finding them because everyone tosses them out. Pennies are everywhere, just take a look around you. If you are ever in need of a penny for some reason than all you need to do is pick one up off of the ground and not worry about it. PENNIES ARE WORTHLESS.