Equality of Everyone

Kyle - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

Some people are pretty. Some people are smart. Some people are funny. I believe all people are equal. What I believe the most is that everyone is equal in their own way. There is a life saying that life isn’t fair, but I don’t believe in that. I believe it’s false and a drag. Everyone has his or her own qualities and attributes that make them equal to others.

Now with all the people in the world and the different types of people in the world, how is everyone equal? What about the disabled people? Are they equal? My answer is still yes; everyone is equal in qualities and traits. Say someone is not so nice. They could also be good looking, smart, or funny to make up for that lost quality. Everyone has a different balance in his or her qualities and traits so that there is diversity.

Now this is what I believe, and I hope for it to be true for if it is, it can stop jealousy of other people’s lives, it can make people feel better, it can stop the feeling of superiority, and it can stop many more things that can bring people down. If everyone felt equal in life, then people can become more accepting of others than just going by one quality (this usually is looks). If we look at all the qualities of a person then we can accept the person for all qualities and traits, and not just one trait, like don’t judge a book by its cover.

If people were not equal in ways, then it would bring a battle between people for seeing who was a better person than the other or who is superior. Sometimes even my friend and I would get into these battles, annoy each other, and start fighting about everything. I find it better to believe everyone’s qualities make everyone equal, so that these fights don’t get started and get to being really bad fights. The belief can prevent many things that can go wrong, fights and make you feel better, which is a big part in why I like it.

In the Constitution, it says that all men are created equally, which is even documentation that agrees with my theory. All people are created equally, all people are treated equally, so doesn’t it make sense that all people are equal in all standards? I believe so and it makes sense. I truly believe that all people are equal in qualities and traits.