Dear Mr Politically Correct Patriot

Austin - 80112, Colorado
Entered on November 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Current times bring current public misdemeanors, such as political correctness. In a recent social studies class I had, we were suddenly interrupted by our Vice Principal. Our teacher was asked to leave the room. The reason for this was because of an ‘apparent’ complaint that had been filed against the teacher for not standing during the Pledge of Allegiance and for speaking out against government officials with whom she didn’t agree. The school was being sued on the basis of unrelated classroom discussions and disagreements with our government. The implication was that it was wrong to tell of personal opinion, and not to stand for our flag. The reason against having a teacher with a personal opinion is that the children will be influenced by the teacher. Don’t parents do this already? Politicians speak out against speaking with opinion. This is political correctness. Later in the class, after about most of the class was completely freaked out by the teacher’s opinioned speaking, the teacher came back and the class fell silent. The teacher asked what had happened, and the students slowly and painfully told her what had transpired. The teacher paused, and broke out laughing. She then told us that it was a set-up. She had wanted us to think.

Well, I have thought and this I believe. Although this example isn’t real, there are many real life occasions were incidents like this have occurred. I believe that political correctness limits our freedom of speech and prevents personal opinion. In a country founded on beliefs of freedom, the public of America has forgotten of our freedom of speech and because of political correctness, people such as teachers are limited in their speech and therefore teachings. Why can’t people say what they really want to say without fear of prosecution? The citizens of the United States need to stop worrying about what others say, instead they should formulate an agreeing response or a disagreeing response based on their personal opinion. In my mind Political Correctness is wrong and needs to be stopped, otherwise or country will be more of a tightly wound regime and not the great country that the United States is known as, and in it’s constitution includes “Freedom of speech…without prosecution.”