I Believe Spiritual felling is the start point of happiness

Cesar - USA
Entered on November 19, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I Believe Spiritual felling is the start point of happiness

I believe the destiny can marked us in the way that we set the bases in the present. So every time when you connect desire with the willingness to reach specific goal, this is the real measurement of what your future will be. When you inject in your life everything what your want it will come. Thus will be the projection to see, to smell, to touch and to taste, which is the creative nature, our inner spirit, which undertakes, expands and maintains the chain of your happiness.

One day I was home alone, taking to the walls, complaining with my pillows and asking myself why I have been failing with my marriage relationship. Then and answer came right away from my internal ego, something is wrong with your inner desires, your bitterness, the way that you look the life, you have a lot of bad feeling inside, you have to forgive and ask for forgiveness. In other words clean your inner part, your thoughts, your acts, because everything will come back in the way that you sent it, say it or done.

So from that day that I deciphered that message and I worked on discharging all the pain caused by frustrations, negatives events, conciliating with a good friends, asking for forgiveness to all those one day I offended, stop if being selfish, be more open and give what I have, in that way I got rid of my bitterness. So I considered all this events, the departure line where my success started and I jumped from the reluctant to disposition and willingness, the voyage that took me to the inner peace. That peace that I can enjoy experiencing the miraculous thing let me call it grace. Something that changes the atmosphere is a kind of magneto that transforms the spirit felling, gives to harmony and encounters with same you. That reflection was the seed that gave me hope, which was plant on fertile soil under the forests of my changing personality. That faithfully hoard the seeds multiplying what I give.

So we can learn from natural law of these experiences, giving generates to revive and what leaves must return and multiplied. If through giving you feel that there are lost something, is not worth the pain to give it nor to receive it, and since was not given with true love. Therefore you did not cause bonanza in receiving, because I assure did not cause happiness to you, because it did not cause it in you when it is.

Actions will bring with an effect and will return in the same way, therefore you are not astonished when the blessings arrive because it will be signal that you have walked by the good way. That is a signal of the decisions and actions of the past were right; otherwise moments will come from tribulation, desperation agony and the answer is simple, because we tied with words and acts embroidering the best or worse network for ourselves. Furthermore when we make a decision, it thinks, it analyzes, connect it with mind, soul and heart and when it gives you hunch your inner part wants to talk to you and give the solution listen to it and act according with it

Live in peace, be flexible, negotiating, intermediary, be calm that is learned to even listen to until the most dissonant recommendation. Be opening minded to all the points of view dreams and desires, accept the things as they are at this moment and not as they wanted that they were. Resigns to the necessity to defend your point of view and/or to convince to others, learn to use What if ……. responsible! … That ability wakes up to have creative answer to any situation like appears.