The pursuit of truth.

Abner - Madison, Wisconsin
Entered on November 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When I began this project, I had to think deep inside myself, and think of what beliefs I held the closest, my original beliefs that still stick with me. I needed to write something deep, from my very soul. Something I know will be with me forever. When I thought about these factors, one belief stood out to me. My pursuit of the truth and all that is pure.

When you tell the truth, nobody is hurt. Sometimes a lie or even just a small fib can cause damage to others, and in the long run yourself. In itself a lie is simply a false belief, an untrue reality to everyone around you that only you know is a façade. And once the façade is broken and the truth is revealed, only chaos can ensue.

The lie can turn golden bonds of trust into a worn thread, almost sure to break. The lie can turn friends into enemies, and send lovers into discord. A lie is rotten apple, and will ruin the bunch if it is not thrown out. Some of our greatest leaders have been affected or even killed by lies. This is why I believe in the truth, and why the truth is so important.

For all of you reading this now, I urge you direly to heed my request. Save yourself from the evils of lying, and find truth in the light.

…And none of that is true. You see, I believe in lies and the avoidance of the truth. With lies, you can give people what they want and give them a false sense of your competence when telling the truth would demerit your reputation. A small lie can fix any problem, as long as you’re careful about it. When a lie is placed in context and has minimal repercussions, your success will be unwarranted.

Whether it’s your mother asking you if you’ve walked the dog, or your boss asking you if you’ve finished your report, then do you really want to tell the truth? You’ll be letting down your peers with the truth, and pleasing them with a lie. It’s an obvious choice to me. If you kill someone, are you going to go straight to the police and tell the truth? Heck no! For real guys, lying is the way to go.

Of course, there are some places where it’s better to tell the truth. If you know your lie won’t be believed, then it’s better just to come clean. But there’s always a way to lie, even if it’s about the truth. If you break something and someone is watching, there’s no point in lying about. Instead, make up a fake and teary apology or place blame on someone other than yourself. You believed my original essay right? That’s what lies are all about.

So next time your teacher asks if you’ve done your homework, or next time your psychologist asks if you’ve taken your pills, then I think you know what to do.