Best Friends and Bike Rides

Noelle - Danville, Kentucky
Entered on November 19, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that all it takes is just one push and a positive attitude. Christina (Chris) is my best friend. We are both two very different people. When we were younger we did have things in common, like our bikes. Riding bikes will always be the one thing we enjoyed the most and definitely had in common.

Everyday my dad would take me out to the church parking lot and he would hold the bike up while I peddled my heart out. I always ended up in tears from my frustration. One day after a terrible bike riding lesson with dad I walked my bike to Chris’s house and I said I would never learn and I just wanted to give up. Chris just laughed and told me to just get my butt on the bike. After arguing with her she told me that she wouldn’t let go and she promised! All I needed to do was start peddling. The next thing I knew I was off! To fast for Chris to keep up with me and be holding on to the bike! I soon realized that she was standing in the exact same spot as before. She hadn’t moved! One push! One push and I was off. My best friend taught me how to ride my bike.

In 5th grade my parents decided to move to Kentucky. I thought our bike riding days were forever over. Until 7th grade I never realized how important those rides were to me. I didn’t ride a bike for a long time until I went back to visit. Riding around I realized that it was not just having Chris with me that made those bike rides special it was the location. It was where I grew up. When I was riding I felt like nothing had ever changed. I rode by the park I used to ice skate in, the Old Town Drive-In that had the best root beer floats in the universe at, both of my elementary schools, and the Court Street Theater that had one big screen and it only cost 3 dollars to get in. The places that were once so new to me had become so familiar. I miss them still and I know that those places will probably still be there when I go back. Although neither of my elementary schools are there, the place they stood is. The movie theater is still a movie theater and it is still the neighborhood place to go. Old Town Drive-In is still there, I don’t know what that town would do without it. I will drive by these places at some point in my future and have great memories.

I talk to my best friend Christina about 2 or 3 times a year now and when we talk its like nothing changed. Whether I talk to Christina a lot or not she will always be my first best friend and riding bikes with her is something I will never forget.