The Fulfillment of Dreams

Michael - Wernersville, Pennsylvania
Entered on November 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

It is my belief that a person is only as strong as their own beliefs, goals, and dreams. We as human beings struggle to achieve individual recognition through our actions. It is my belief that we should be able to achieve our goals if that is indeed what we truly desire.

Two and a half years ago, after falling in love with the freedom and simplicity associated with the memory of a much different era, I decided that I had to have a muscle car. No, not just own a screaming metal deathtrap from the seventies, but also rebuild one. Shortly after this epiphany, I encouraged my father to invest in this extensive project that would inevitably end with the creation of a strong bond between father and son.

To make a long story short, my father was more than eager to relive his wild youth which had been filled with such cars. He purchased a black 1977 Pontiac Trans am from EBay, for the price of one grand. After he and my brother wrestled the rust bucket from the unforgiving forests of northern Maryland, we quickly began work. We started by removing a tree from the cars inner workings and dealing with the rodent infestation. Eventually we tore down the engine and rebuilt it from scratch, gutted the interior, and replaced rust eaten fenders and floor pans. We had something solid to hold onto and work for.

Unfortunately, at the beginning of November of this year, we had to admit that the car would never be safe to drive because the frame of the car had all but dissolved. This meant that the car would literally disintegrate if we tried to drive is at speeds greater than fifteen miles per hour. Undiscouraged, on November 16, 2008, we purchased a solid 1977 Trans am body for the same price as the original. We will have the car running by the end of this year.

If a person has a dream that they greatly wish to fulfill, then the only thing stopping them is themselves. If you want to be a professional writer, then do so. If you want attain a college education and enter into the occupation of your dream, then go for it. A person who is willing to go out and make things happen will have the chance to do, be, or have what ever they truly desire.

No matter how whimsical the dream or belief, it should be fought for. Even the smallest of dreams should be achieved. All that is needed for us to live our dreams is the hard work and determination that is required to make it happen. I believe in the power of dreams. When we lose sight of them, what more is there to live for? Everything in life is some kind of goal or ambition that we aim to fulfill. So we should make it our prerogative to fight for them. That is my belief.