What is a True B.F.F.

Michelle - 80549, Colorado
Entered on November 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

What is a True B.F.F.

I lost a friend about three years ago. When we got the call I was devastated. I lost a pet but I also lost my best friend. Some people get over the loss of a pet but I have never gotten over the loss of Panda. We had her cremated and we placed the ash box in the living room so that it is like she is still part of the family and watching over us. I believe that your best friend does not have to be a human. The saying “Dogs are man’s best friend” is true. Lots of people have animal friends.

My best friend for quite some time was my dog, Panda. She was a border collie and the wildest and most loyal animal I have ever known. She would sleep with me and give me a sense of comfort, her being there. I would talk to her and I got the feeling that she really listened to me. She was my true best friend.

Sure I have human friends, but ever since my best friend Maddie moved out of state, I haven’t really connect with them as best friends. I would gain and loose friends but I always had Panda. I could confide in her. And she would make me happy. If I was sad she could tell and try to cheer me up. She would just lie there next to me when I needed that most or want to play when she knew I was happy.

After school when we came home she would be on top of the doghouse in the dog run. She would be looking for us to get out of the car and go inside. If we went around back she would watch us from the fence then run to the doghouse to watch us drive up the driveway.

She was part of the family and she loved being in the house with us. We loved her so much. In fact I even gave her a middle name, Lee. When she would explore the neighborhood, which she did often, I would become very worried and panicky. I could not scold her though, because she was a curious girl but most of all, my best friend and I loved her too much.

I miss Panda so much. I think of her often. I can almost feel her watching over me sometimes. She was there when I needed a friend, someone to talk to, or needed companionship. Panda Lee was my true best friend. She is the sole reason I believe that your best friend does not have to be a human.