All it Takes is a Little Communication

Janet - Swedesboro, New Jersey
Entered on November 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I am your average sixteen-year-old girl with a part time job, but my biggest importance in life is being a good friend. Everyday wherever I travel, whether it be a journey down my high school’s hallway or a trip to my part time job at Acme’ I see what most people refuse to pay attention to: a person’s history. We as people are all guilty of one thing, judging others.

People go on through their life not paying close enough attention to what may seem to be little things, but in all reality could make a difference. As I roam down an overly crowded hallway, you can’t help but to see the separation of “cliques” and hear how people talk to one another. Little whispers here and there about another person on how she or he looks, dresses, or presents themselves. No wonder why this world is filled with violence; nobody takes the time to understand one another.

One day in eighth grade English class I sat in my normal seat waiting to begin our lesson; my teacher stands up and says we have a new student and introduces her. The class stared her down as if they were a bunch of hungry lions and she was the steak as if it were dangling in front of their faces. She sat down at her assigned desk next to mine very quietly and began to draw on her paper; you could tell she was nervous by the way she gripped her pencil, staring directly at the paper and nothing else. While the teacher rambled about our normal “Do Now’s” I discreetly leaned over and introduced myself while complimenting her drawing. She looked up with a smirk and shyly thanked me. Slowly but surely we began small talk, time flew by and the bell rung. I knew she would have no clue where to go so I offered to take her to show her around and meet some new people. I offered her a spot at lunch, still a little shy she began to make conversation with others.

Everyday she got a little more comfortable with her surroundings and more comfortable with me. That girl that everyone thought was extremely shy and quiet changed within a short week. Just like me she was very outgoing and became friends with our peers very fast. We even became very good friends, little conversations turned into life stories about each other that made us realize how alike we were. This one big judgment of an average girl just like myself changed dramatically, and all it took was a lending hand and someone to listen to her side.

Yes I may be young, but I believe in lending a hand and an ear. In my case I keep an open mind to people and let them tell their side, offering help along the way. We were put on this Earth together and will leave together, we are only people.