Jesse - Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania
Entered on November 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

For almost all of my life I have played sports. They have shaped my life and me as a person. The most important lesson I ever learned from sports is teamwork. Some of my coaches taught this more than others and the ones that taught teamwork were most successful.

Teamwork includes sharing, talking, and encouragement. These are all skills that I have used in the real world. Sharing a basketball is just like sharing ideas and materials with others in a classroom. Talking and communication are keys to every aspect of life. Think about how many times you communicate with others throughout your day. There is no such thing as too much encouragement. Teammates as well as co-workers love a pat on the back every once in a while.

I have also learned that teamwork does not mean you must love everyone on your team. It means that you will work with them and respect them for the time that you are together. I have realized that putting aside differences for a short time will certainly help reaching the common goal.

Nobody likes a ball hog. This is another important lesson of teamwork. It took me the hard way to learn this one. When playing a sport, everyone wants to contribute their skill to the game. Watching someone take the ball all the way up the field is not fun and causes team tension. Likewise, no one likes the co-worker who does the project all alone. Through experience, sharing is a much better way to go about group work.

Teamwork is also a large part of my family life. We are a strong group of 5 who are always there to support one another. We are around each other 24/7 and if we didn’t use teamwork our lives would be pretty rough. We don’t always like the activity that we are doing but we do it together and that makes it much easier.

I am very thankful to all the coaches who taught me teamwork. I did not realize it when I was younger but I use teamwork every day. I do not hope to be remembered as the best player on the team or the one who scored the most goals. I hope to be remembered as the girl who was the best teammate.