Just for me

Rachel - Spartanburg, South Carolina
Entered on November 18, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Just for Me

Life, for teenagers today, is a competition. In our society we are told that to be good at something we must be better than most everyone else doing the same thing. Or at least that’s how I perceive the message. Everything is a competition: school- for class rank, sports- obviously, popularity- once again, a simple game, nothing more. There is little argument that teens today feel more pressure to be outstanding than any other generation. Expectations are rising; the majority of phrases teens hear are things like: “study harder”, “go faster”, and “take this more seriously, why can’t you do better?” And perhaps the most hated phrase of all, “If that person can do it so well, why can’t you?” With all of that flying around in the already unstable mind of a teen, there has to be some time to just relax, but that is a rare luxury in this day and age. This I believe, that every person has one thing that they do for themselves, no one else, something that is not done to receive judgment, positive or negative, from anyone. I discovered that for me this thing is drawing.

Growing up I had always breezed by, getting A’s easily, playing the sports, always polite, the works, all through Elementary School and Jr. High. But during eighth grade, for no real reason, I began resenting it all. School became less and less exciting, and became just annoying. It seemed the days blended together to form one mediocre, judgmental blob. My main outlet was swimming, and while it helped me take my frustrations out, it didn’t provide the kind of relaxing outlet I needed to just get away for a short period of time to think about absolutely nothing. So one day I saw a friend of mine drawing a picture in English class. She had a folder full of pictures she had printed off the internet to sketch and she looked so relaxed. So I asked if I could see one of the printed pictures and I began to draw. Now at first I was no DaVinci, not even a Picasso, it was pretty bad actually. But when there is something I want to learn to do I go for it all out. So I went online, looked over a few tutorials and started to practice and over time I got a lot better. And what’s more exciting, while I was drawing my mood seemed to magically improve. I would look at the picture I had copied onto my paper and be happy.

Now I’m in tenth grade and still enjoy drawing. I still haven’t taken a class, or shown many people my work, which is why I like it so much. Drawing is something I do selfishly, for me and me alone to enjoy. I don’t do it to bring more beauty to the world like real artists do. I do it because when I start to draw I know it doesn’t matter to anyone but me, and that is what makes it so important.