Past is in the Future

Sheng - San Ramon, California
Entered on November 18, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: legacy

Past is in the Future

I believe in history. I believe that history is the key to successes for a nation. Without a history of its own, a nation will be heavily influenced by the people or nation which conquers them. And most nations have been conquered at least once in the past. With a rich history of its own, a nation own culture will eventually mingle with the one who conquers them.

A nation without a detailed written history cannot learn from the past. And without written history a lot of precious moments and experiences are lost as time passed. Without history we wouldn’t know who was the first king of England, we wouldn’t know what happen to slavery and the civil war. Without knowing the past, without knowing its own strength and weakness, a nation, a country cannot grow, and cannot dominate.

I believe in history not only because it determines the outcome of an entire nation but everyday people just like us. Although it is hard to see the reflect on individuals. But for us knowing what we have done right and wrong in the past, it makes us easier to move forward, to improve.

There are so many things happening in life we cannot possibly remember everything. So starting when I was 16, I was told to write down what important happened each day, and when I go back and look at it months later, I was surprised how much things I don’t remember and how many mistakes I have made and are no longer making. I’m glad I was asked to write down my own history. With that I learn from it try not to make the same mistake twice.

India for example, doesn’t have a written history until it was occupied by others. Its own history was passed down from generation to generation like a story, and is very inaccurate. And that is what makes India a colony of others throughout history. Never has been as strong as China, Rome or the Persian Empire. Given the fact its people it’s one of the smartest of all kinds.

Then let’s take a look at those nations who actually succeed in the past, and formed an empire, they all have detailed written histories, date back to the founding of the country .mistakes were made, but it was rarely repeated, because of this great history system. In another phrase, people who dominated for decades were simply not lazy; under the guide of the written history and law, it stopped the people in charge from making the same mistake its predecessor has made.

I believe in history, not only because it can change the fate of a nation and its people over time, but is equally important to the ordinary people. It helps people avoid making unnecessary mistakes. A look back at one’s own history, he/she will realize this is one of the best ways to move forward into a successful future