Don’t Let Fear Get In Your Way

Samantha - Colorado
Entered on November 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: fear

Fear is inevitable. The one thing that you have to remember tough is:

“Do not let fear get in your way. Don’t let it stop you from living.”

With this not only in your mind but in your heart you become invincible. You can stand up to anything that you feel is wrong. It may be hard for you to believe, but this ‘motto’ has helped me out so much in my life, especially when I had to stand up to my dad. When I was four I had to stand up against fear.

About eleven years ago my parents were going through a divorce and my mom and I were still living back in Tennessee. I went to my dads every other weekend and I was with my mom the rest of the time. Later I found out that the reason for the divorce was because my dad was hitting my mom, and cheating on her, and eventually my mother got fed up with it. During the time period of the divorce though is when my mom started saying this ‘motto’.

My dad when I was at his house would play ‘games’ with me. Sometimes these games would be fun they would be normal. We would play in the front yard and swing on the swing and do things like that. Other times though he would hurt me. He would make me feel uncomfortable. He would bribe me to do these things. He sometimes would take me to the mall and buy me things and said that he loved me so much and he just wanted to show me how much he loved me. Them he would take me into the family bathrooms that were just one roomed and he would ‘show me’. He would buy me things and do everything he could to keep me quiet.

About that time my mom noticed that I was acting different that usual. She started to wonder what was going on because, from what my mom has told me, when I would get back from staying with my dad I would have nightmares and wouldn’t want to talk about them. Also I would never tell my mom what I did over the weekend when I would get back from dads. One day at the mall I cracked, and I wouldn’t go into the bathroom. I was tiered of taking this crap. I said no and I ran. I ran and made a scene all the way to the security desk and I called my mom. The people at the security desk just blew it off cause they thought I was just throwing a temper tantrum and wanted to talk to mommy. My mom came and picked me up and that was pretty much the last I saw of my dad. A year later we moved out to Colorado. I fought back, I stood up for what I believe in and didn’t let my fear of him get in my way.