It’s Amazing

Lavelle - mechanicsville, Virginia
Entered on November 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

it began as a regular sunday night as i crept into my warm, always cozy bed until i awoke from a dream. it was a manifestation of everything that made us part. it was a bundle of memories that kept us together. it was a recollection, no, a reflection of my heart. the mirror of the images was cracked…i felt doomed for more torture in the future. we have part like a runaway slave from the south. my headaches ran full of agony to the extent of the pain on that slaves feet. its magnificent for me to finally experience love for the very first time. i have suddenly gone from glorious days, to luminous nights alone. this night was like no other. i had finally cracked to the pressure of being able to admit how much i miss her touch (as i rubbed the pillow), her smell (as i grab some flowers), her warmth (as i cuddle more in the blanket), and her companionship. it’s 3:46 in the morning. i pick up the fone to call her…no answer.