terrance - gainesville, Florida
Entered on November 18, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

The most true thing or real thing, that people might say is not real, neither true is karma, or what goes around comes around. Weather it be the tiniest thing such as being mean to the biggest thing stealing, it is always going to come back around or to bit you in the butt. To me this is one of the most important things in society that people should watch out for, because people abuse, karma, and treat it as if it isn’t even true, when it is.

I can remember it as if it was yesterday. My teammates and I were warming up for cross country practice, and I was playing around and it was a good day until I had tripped my teammate Tim, and karma was set in motion right when I tripped him. My other teammates were laughing, and I was too, but Tim was pretty upset, but I kept on jogging. As we were finishing up our warm-up I stopped to put on my spikes, and Tim was trying to get me back, but he never could, we started our work out, we were doing an 200, 400, mile, 400, then one more 200, as we were finishing our last 200, the football kicker had kicked the football and I had hot of a fence hit the ground, and hit my feet, had got tripped up and I fell. I felt I felt very, very embarrassed by it , my teammates were laughing at me and so was Tim, just the way that they were laughing at Tim. Once I had got up, and went to finish it, my coach told me that I had to redue my interval. And even that can tell you that karma is real, if you don’t believe me now I will tell you one more story and this is sure to lead you to believe karma is real.

There was this one time when in Atlanta Georgia, I was at my cousins house, hanging out with my cousins jarred, Anthony , but my cousins never really liked to hang out with me because they were older than me by alote, and I ust to always try to be like them and hang out with them, they were always mean to me, and one day when I was with them my cousin jarred had thrown a stick at an power line, and I had tried to copy him, and it came down