Bethanne - Woodland Park, Colorado
Entered on November 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that a person can’t just play a sport; they have to be a player of the sport, and there are too many people trying to be something that they are not. For example LaDainian “LT” Tomlinson doesn’t just play football, he is a football player, and James “Bubba” Stewart doesn’t just race motocross, he is a motocross racer; but there are many people that try to be these things when they themselves know that they are not.

I have raced motocross since I was seven years old and I call myself a motocross racer. I think I can call myself that because I don’t just ride and race to be there; in a way, I have to be there, I’m completely addicted to the sport of motocross.

It’s frustrating seeing other people think that they can be something just because they try it a few times. The show “Made” on MTV shows what people do to try to “become” something; however, it doesn’t show all of the hard work and dedication over a long period of time to become that person. I have seen many episodes where a person will spend six weeks learning to play basketball, ride motorcycles, or how to model. Six weeks may be long enough to learn how to do something, but it is not long enough to become a basketball player, motocross racer, or a model.

These people that try to be something that they are not could be called posers. There are posers all around us. These people are what make the world so interesting because it is hard to tell who is real and who is fake. They are the reason why you have to really get to know somebody before you can judge them or even trust them. By being a poser, you lose track of who you really are. People are always complaining about how they have lost track of who they are and they don’t know who they have become. If they would stay true to themselves, this wouldn’t be an issue.

My thought is that posers should be eliminated from the masses and people need to stay true to themselves. People need to find their own paths and become something for themselves.