Practice makes perfect

Tony - Elizabethtown, Kentucky
Entered on November 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in practice makes perfect. Everybody makes mistakes but it is what you and I learn from that makes us become greater as a person and a human being. I have made several mistakes in my life, but not without learning something from it. I have many goals to attain but I won’t reach them without making mistakes. Sometimes I want to give up because I would always mess up; but in the end, I have always succeeded.

Cooking, for example, is one of my favorite hobbies. You cannot become a great chef over night; it takes years to master a dish. I am always missing an important ingredient, or added too much salt, or overcooked something, or even undercook it. All the days and nights, blood and sweat I spend toilsome over the stove trying to perfect the sauce to a steak or what should I put in my fried rice. Not too long ago I did not have the experience to make fried rice let alone cook. I was always asking my mother to make me something or I’d go and heat up something in the microwave. I would not be able to live on my own if I had never learned how to cook for myself.

One day I decided to cook fried rice. It was a wreck. I did not know where to begin or even how the stove worked. I grabbed whatever ingredient I could find in the kitchen and most of the time I would always burn the food. I never added enough salt or I put too much of it in and the rice would come out disgusting. I have spent so many months learning how to perfect every part of my rice and every single time I would fail. Mom would always laugh at my terrible cooking skills and tell me to try harder next time.

I was so determined to make the best fried rice ever. That day finally came; it was a Friday around dinnertime. I’d buttered the pan, added all the right ingredients, put enough salt in, and kept it at a steady heat making sure not to burn anything. After I finished the rice, I gave it to my family to judge and they were all surprised and congratulated me. The feeling of accomplishment was probably the best feeling ever. All that work to master that dish helped me understand that you need to put time in the things you want to be good at and perfect it.