I Believe in the Power of Volleyball

Danielle - shepherdsville, Kentucky
Entered on November 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I believe in the power of volleyball. Volleyball was founded by William G. Morgan. He said “volleyball is becoming a very know sport.” People consider it a club, but truthfully it is a sport. People say volleyball is very easy, but there is much more to it. It is about the history, having fun, the Olympics, and how to follow the rules of the sport.

Volleyball became official when they formed FIVB. There are two types of volleyball, inside volleyball and beach volleyball. Beach volleyball was first played in California when it was formed in 1943. The women’s professional volleyball was formed in 1986(WPVA).

Volleyball has very simple rules. You play with a six member team on the court unless you’re playing beach volleyball which is two-against-two. You are supposed to make the other team let the ball hit the ground and not return it. It also works if you serve the ball, and they cannot return it. The ball will still be playable if it touches your arm and goes out of bounds. Each game goes to 25. At the game there are also line judges in each corner.

I have played volleyball for 9 years. It is like a part of my life. I love how when you’re out on the court you get an adrenaline rush! It is amazing! Then when you get a point and your team comes together in the middle for a cheer. Volleyball takes a lot of practice. It is just not about letting the ball touch your arm; it is about giving the ball direction to kill the ball, which that is my favorite thing to do because it makes me feel strong. Volleyball is something I would like to pursue in college.

In the end volleyball is a great sport! It gets intense at times but you learn to become intense with it, and I love it! Then, now, and in the future volleyball will become even more known, bigger, and better and I will always play it!