I Believing a Positive Attitude and Never Giving Up

Cassidy - New Haven, Kentucky
Entered on November 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

It all began in July of 2006, when I started playing high school soccer. I loved everything about the game. However, I felt I was not always given a fair chance, no matter what I did or how hard I worked.

The more I sat on the bench and watched others play, it pushed me to be a better player and to prove to the coaches and other people that I deserved to be on the field. I also wanted to prove it to myself because I was starting to get down on myself and doubt my own abilities. I knew in order to show everyone this; I had to have a positive attitude and to never give up no matter what the circumstances were.

I decided that I needed to go talk to the coach to see what I needed to work on. He told me everything I needed to improve on and from then I was definitely determined to be successful. I worked on my skills, ran, and jumped rope in determination to get better, which I did almost every night for several weeks.

Soccer has helped be strong in life because I have learned to take things when they come at me and to not just give and say I not going to do it. I could have easily given up, but instead I wanted to work hard and help out the team. I also knew that was not the type of person I was and that no matter what was happening, as long as I was having fun and doing something that I loved to do nothing else mattered. I learned that having a starting spot is not always the most important thing. The most important thing is having a positive attitude, never giving up, believing in yourself and always doing your best!