Human Strength

Teresa - Woodland Park, Colorado
Entered on November 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The strongest person I know is my best friend of seven years. She does not spend every morning in the weight room. She does not pass everyday after school in the gym. She does not force herself to oblige on an inhumane diet. Emily is one tough girl.

I believe that human strength does not depend on muscles or power, but on your ability to move forward.

When Emily was 15, her father passed away with cancer. Although he had been struggling with the disease for years on end, the thought of the moment where he was actually gone was never welcomed. Emily is a beautiful blonde haired girl with three sisters. She juggles many things in her life such as class president, honor roll, and varsity volleyball and basketball player.

I believe that you are only as strong as how difficult your life is.

Emily’s ability to struggle through the loss of her father still amazes me. To wonder through life with out your father at such a young age is a painful task. Many people go through situations like this, and they have my respect. There is so much inner strength gained when you know that you can get through anything. Once you realize that you are a better and stronger

person than you were before the experience, you achieve enough strength to climb a mountain.

On that day where my life could never be worse, I need to be strong enough to work through it. It’s what will make me grow as a person. When I am met with an obstacle, it’s an uplifting challenge to know that I will get through it, and life will get better.

I know that Emily will continue to become a very strong person. Her life is just starting up, and she is already a soldier. I know that Emily, and others like her will be able to survive through the hardest of times. They are the ones that will guide and lead us weaker ones. Their struggles are what made them the fighters they are today. Difficult fights transform into worthwhile rewards.

The strongest people in this world are not professional athletes or body builders. They aren’t the people that don’t have any problems or troubles that they have to work through on their own. I believe the strongest people are not those who travel using short cuts throughout life, but those who trek forward on the most difficult paths.