Lyndy - Divide, Colorado
Entered on November 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that everyone should have a soft fuzzy blanky. When you are having one of those days that you just don’t know what you are going to do next, you need something to hug and comfort you with out saying a word and will never judge me. I wrap myself in my cocoon of fabric letting it embrace me with a radiating heat.

I have one of these soft fuzzy blankets; it has a circus theme with clowns, trains and stars. This sweet soft blanket has been with me since I can remember; even though I have grown out of all of my other childhood toys I have not been able to store my blanket away. My blanket has been with me through a number of traumatic and joyful moments. It has traveled all over the country with me. It has been that one silent companion that has absorbed my tears, muffled my teenaged angst and has witnessed the highest highs of my life. It lets me use it as a pillow, a towel, and a cushion. It asks nothing of me but to be snuggled. I know it does delight in its occasional turn in the washing machine, and I know it loves that just out of the dryer feeling as much as I do. To feel its fresh scent and warmth on my cheek does make me realize the simple pleasures of my life. I am able to look back on my childhood and remember all the tea parties that were spent atop of my blanket, and all the times that I had perched myself and my blanket on the couch and wanted my favorite Disney movie; The Jungle Book. My blanket had transformed me from a regal princess to a ghost in a matter of minutes. Every child should be as lucky as me to have such a magical treasure.

Time moves forward and my threadbare rectangular trudges along with me. It may not be just within reach as it once was, but just knowing there is that one common thread that ties my very beginnings through each phase of my life. I hope to give my well worn blanket to my children. I hope that it can bring them the calm and assurance that everything will be OK. As we grow up we have the tendency to move on from childish behavior. We must always remember at there will come a times where we will not be able to go to someone for comfort, and we must turn to the only thing that we know will listen. Just having that little piece of fabric can be all a person need to feel the littlest form of love and comfort. You may not be able to remember every moment of your life, but I can guarantee I can remember how that little splotch of strawberry jelly got on the corner of my blanket. This is why I believe that everyone should have a soft fuzzy blanky.