A mothers love

Melissa - Waynesville, Missouri
Entered on November 17, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that there is no love like the love a mother has for her child. A mother’s love is so deep it’s almost indescribable. I can still remember feeling love for what was at that time a tiny little embryo attached to my body by a slimy squiggly umbilical cord. Nine months later that tiny little embryo had developed into an eight pound-five ounce infant. Twenty one inches long, thin dark brown hair and blue eyes. Nine months I had waited, hoped and prayed for this day to happen, and when Jacob was born, I realized there was no way I could ever love any thing or any human the way I love him.

I love Jacob more and more everyday, it’s a kind of love that makes me think about him so much while he is away. I love him so much, it breaks my heart when he is hurt and cries from falling or getting his feelings hurt. I want to protect him from any harm that might come his way. I want to be there to comfort him, to hold him, and show him I love him. I look at him sometimes and think about how lucky I am to have him. I feel like I am who I am today because of him. I love him so much. I love the way he changed my life around to the life I love today.

I believe a mother’s love is forever. There is nothing Jacob could say or do to ever make me stop loving him. A mother loves her child no matter what they look like, their health or how smart they are because in a mothers eyes they have the most amazing beautiful child in the whole world.

I get such a warm tingly feeling when Jacob wraps his arms around me and tells me “I am so glad God gave me to you.” or “You’re the best mom I could ever have.” Hearing those sweet little words from the love of my life is what makes it all worth it. They seem to take away the stress and chaos I might have from a hard exhausting day at work or school. The love a mother and child have is like no other. It is different from any husband and wife or any other family members. It is unconditional and an ever lasting love. No matter what, a mother will always love and protect her child. In this I believe, a mother’s love is like no other.