This I Beleiver

Andrew - Fort Collins, Colorado
Entered on November 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: war


I believe that the foreign war in Iraq is pointless and unfair. Going back to September 11, 2001 I can faintly remember hearing the sound from the T.V. “This is one of the most tragic events that has ever happened to this country” the reporter said in a scared and shaky voice. After waking up, I realized how horrible an event had taken place that morning. As I walked into the living room I heard everyone talking to each other in scared tones.

No words were spoken on the way to my Elementary School at the time. When school started at 8:00 A.M. my second grade teacher walked into the silent room with a worried and gloomy look on her face. We recited the Pledge of Allegiance, and talked about the horrible attacks that had happened to one of our nation’s biggest cities.

After all the attacks had taken place, everyone was trying to blame each other, when in fact we, the U.S., let it happen to us by not having enough precautions. We only make the changes that are needed until something horrible has happened and it finally opens our eyes.

4,000 American soldiers have died while protecting and serving the United States in the Iraq war. Unfortunately, people are just ignoring these devastating deaths and they can just keep going on with their lives. This is just a number to many until someone close to you serves in Iraq, and possibly gets injured or dies. I am lucky. I have not had to go through the process of having someone close to me serve overseas. I can only imagine how hard this could be for everyone that knows him/her.

This is not fair to our troops and the countries that are being attacked because of the misleading information about “weapons of mass destruction in Iraq”. With no real “Iraqi Army” in Iraq, the citizens are trying to protect their families and their countries against our own troops. The cost of fighting this war is over 270 million dollars a day, we are supposed to find a way out of this gigantic debt instead of digging ourselves deeper into this hole.1.2 million civilians that have been killed or injured, this is mostly innocent people that are dying trying to protect their homes. There are many kids that are now orphans because they have lost their parents.

We might be making progress in some areas of the war, but this war is basically a lost cause, when we are losing more than we are gaining. Let the Iraqis run their country the way they want. We are trying to convince ourselves that we are doing well for both side, but we aren’t! With an unexplainable debt, and not making great progress the best thing for us to do for the United States, Iraq, and the other Middle Eastern countries that are being attacked is just to get out! This I believe.