EMcAninch This I Believe

Edward - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Entered on November 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Nothing ever happens with out a point. Everything that has ever happened in life has been for a reason. There is nothing that can change this because when something happens it is because it was meant to be. There are no mistakes, a mother doesn’t get pregnant by accident they get pregnant because it was meant to be. Because of this that is why I believe that all things happen for a reason.

When I was younger I always used to think why certain things happened. I’d think about why people fought, or other things like that. Now that I am older I realized that all the things that have ever happened in the world had to have been because it was meant to happen.

A few years ago my grandmother died and then last year so did my grandfather. When this happened I often wondered why they had died. Then I realized several things about why they had, one thing was that while they were alive they still had to deal with all the troubles of life. They had illnesses that made life harder and then they had medical bills to pay and all of this added up.

I now realize that if they had been alive today they would have had an even worse time trying to live. Both of them were retired and lived off of their retirement money. If they had been alive today with the situation that the country is having with the stock markets and all of the economic problems that they are having it would cause a lot of trouble for them right now.

When I realized this I became able to see that they were able to avoid this issue. Now that I look back on this I can realize that they are at peace now and don’t have to worry about anything that the people who are alive have to worry about. This event happened for a reason and that was so they didn’t fall into a bunch of trouble. Also even now all of the things happening in the world are going on for a reason. There is nothing that happens just because it does, anything and everything that is in history has happened because it needed to happen.